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Wolf, Impossible not to fall in love with her

Benhamur, sweet friend

Everyone's friends

Whim ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Private solarium Andalusia House

Private Solarium Lake House

Porch Lake house

Lake house, relaxation

Great Fireplace Andalusia House

Fireplace Andalusia House

Private barbecues in Lake and Andalusia houses

Main bathroom Andalusia house

Modern rustic design, it`s manifold

Shared experiences

Certified Falconer

Sofi and Lourdes Deer, bottle-fed

Large groups

Lake house, pure energy



Farmhouse The Lake, 40.600 m2, 22 km from Córdoba, Cerro Muriano

Unique experience

The Lake Rural Houses , a privileged environment. A rural property with two independent houses, Lake House, and House Andalusia, located in the middle of the Cordobesa mountain range, next to a beautiful lake that invites you to both contemplate the surroundings and relax. Horses, deer and a wolf are part of this privileged spot from which you can explore the city of Cordoba, a World Heritage Site, a luxury for your senses.

Video Dron Farm the Lake

Animals, our friends and everyone. Visitors, your authorized photos

Swimming pool ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


Farm and lake






“Our friends are part of this environment, where children and those who, being adults, keep their spirit of surprise and adventure will find their space. Deer, horses, eagles, and our beloved she-wolf make the delight of children and not so children”.


Rural House in Cerro Muriano

Farm near a lake

In rural houses the Lake doesn’t suffer light pollution, so it`s ideal for photographing and contemplating the stars at night and the natural environment by day. Fall in love with the Cordoba mountains.

More than just a rural house

Rural houses the lake in the middle of Cordoba mountain range has an enviable landscape, in the middle of nature. A place where you can enjoy with your family and friends, sharing the love for the environment and meeting unique animals, faithful companions.


“Rural Houses the Lake” has a wide space to park your vehicles.

Fully equipped

“Rural Houses the Lake” are equipped with heaters and refrigerators, duvets, sheets and towels, and everything necessary for normal use, TV, refrigerator, washing machines, kitchenware, microwave, juicer, toaster, pearls, paella, crockery and cutlery, coffee pans, blender, ham, donut and canister etc.

Fishing activity

The lake we have next to the farm, is the ideal place for fishing lovers, in its waters there are tents, black bass, Percasol, crayfish, Galapagos… Always respecting the current legislation.

Privacy guaranteed

Each house is independent, so you will enjoy a unique space with the greatest privacy. Peace of mind guaranteed.
Price per person

From 18€/day

National telephone

(+34) 644 458 755

International phone

(+34) 605 520 437

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