in the Cordoba mountains

The Farm and the Lake

Rural farm, The One

In our farm you will live a singular experience.

Casa rural con piscina We have a capacity of 350,000 litres, 6 interior water lights, palm trees around it and one in the centre. The depth starts from 0 meters next to the terrace that makes a shade of 50 m2 aprx. until 2 meters next to another terrace.

Privileged natural environment on the shores of a lake. Enjoy its varied native flora, lavender, thyme, rockrose, wild rose, reed, blackberry, asparagus, linden and highlights the quantity and smell of pennyroyal, you can ensure that their banks are full of it and leaves a pleasant aroma to our passage.

Know its animals. Wolf, deer, eagles, horses… The Lake Rural Houses, more than a country house. You can enjoy nature and special animals.

The lake that we have next to the farm, is an ideal place for fishing lovers, in its waters there are Carps, Black bass, Percasol, crayfish, Galapagos.

An exceptional environment in the middle of a mountain range, next to a lake, with minimum light pollution and no external noise, everything ready to feed the senses.


A luxury to be here and to be able to taste the nature. The spacious house, many beds. The kitchen and spacious living room, with all the comforts. The spectacular pool, at night much more with the lighting, looks like a resort pool. The bathroom and bedrooms are very nice. The animals to share the stay with are unforgettable. The spectacular wolf, the three horses eat from your hand, the doe the same. If you like falconry here have to see how they feed, moreover, have saved an eagle chick which is always flying around. Strong point José, the owner of all this. Always attentive if any problem arises, we don’t have any at the moment. Great trip with him and my family to the lake. The perfect barbecue, you have coal to make a barbecue and then pool. Totally recommendable.
Rafa Gomar

Price per person

From 18€/day

National telephone

(+34) 644 458 755

International phone

(+34) 605 520 437
your dream stay

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