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The animals that you will find in The Lake Rural houses are a fundamental part. They are our friends who participate in this wonderful environment, eagles, horses, deer, and our dear Wolf, are a magnet for the little ones, I will let the words of a visitor express what I want to say:
The Lake farm is a wonderful place full of charm. From the moment you arrive and are welcomed by their beautiful white horses, time stops, you disconnect from the world and start living a very special experience, nature in its purest state. But the best of all is without a doubt the leader of that herd formed by birds, she-wolf, horses…: Jose, who does not feel like an owner of anything and since you arrive he takes care of every detail so much that you stop feeling like a stranger to feel like one more.
Marga Moreno Pérez

Our players

In The Lake Rural Houses we are lovers of nature and its inhabitants. We invite you to live a singular experience, not only because of the privileged natural environment in which we are, but also because of the incredible animals you will meet during your stay. Faithful companions of unparalleled nobility.

Exceptional animals

We work to make your experience unforgettable. You will be able to admire them while you have breakfast or walk around the hacienda. Get to know them.

In the middle of nature

Enjoy the flight of the eagles or the jogging of the horses… A luxury for animal lovers.


Loving, friendly, , good partner… Hard not to fall in love with her. An unforgettable experience for the little ones. Loba (wolf) is the queen of the enclosure, since she was a child, now she is 3 years old, she showed a natural desire to play with the little ones and get close to them, she is very sociable and seductive, as all the animals respond, well, there is no more than seeing her…
Wolf, The Lake Rural House
Wolf, The Lake Rural House


Benhamur and its family, born and raised on the estate, are familiar with children and adults, have a natural nobility no doubt inherited, used to walk freely, together or separately, it is a joy to see them jogging.
Wolf, The Lake Rural House
Wolf, The Lake Rural House


Our Sofi and Lourdes deers have been bottle-fed at our farm. They are very quiet and fully integrated with the people who visit us.
Sofi and Lourdes, deer raised in The Lake Rural Houses
Sofi and Lourdes, deer raised in The Lake Rural Houses


Harris Eagle is darker, the lighter, Red Tailed Eagle, is called Chicken. It was recovered in The Lake Rural House after being found with a broken wing. You can take it and feed it in your hand. Our hobby: nature and animals. (Falconer qualified by the Andalusian Association of Falconry).
Wolf, The Lake Rural House
Wolf, The Lake Rural House
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